what New Year feels like…

New Year… the 1st of January??? NO. I mean a birthday 😀 A birthday is a time to celebrate birth itself, the joy of life. It is also an occasion to rethink your life: How great is the disparity between what I have accomplished and what I can accomplish? Am I spending my time properly or am I involved in things that distract me from my higher calling? How can I strengthen the thread that connects my outer life and my inner life?


okay. so last month, July 12,2015, I just had my 19th New Year celebration. It was a kind of birthday where I felt love from everyone. For me this was so special and this was so warm. A kind of day where it was so full of surprises from friends, church family, and even to my Family. In that, all Glory belongs to God. He really is amazing in surprising His sons and daughters.

IMG_1587 IMG_1663IMG_1666IMG_1668

Frankly speaking I wasn’t able to had a birthday with a birthday cake to blow. haha unbelievable right? But it’s true, it was my mom who confirmed it that she never did try to buy me a birthday cake since birth. I only had spaghetti’s and other dish but never had experienced to blow a birthday candle. So considering this, this was one of the best thing that had ever happened to me. It was my friends who really made an effort to fulfill one of my wishes which is to be surprised and to have a birthday cake on my birthday and I experienced an overflowing of joy because of them. 😀

meet my “Barkada!”

my Pastor once said, “when you are eager enough to be a blessing to your friends, without expecting any returns from them, God will bless you through them. Just do what the Lord wants you to do. Be a Blessing.”


on the last edge of summer

It’s the last edge of summer and I still haven’t gone to any places except from my home and church but now, here it is!!! the CAMPUESTOHAN HIGHLAND RESORT! and not just that, but I get to enjoy this trip with my most beloved people…my churchmates. 🙂


Right after our summer youth camp, May 27 as it is, we’ve been given a chance to have a summer get away. Since we’ve been working so hard this whole time of summer to the ministry, our Senior Pastor gave us a wonderful treat at Campuestohan Highland Resort where everyone of us are still on the line of the so-called first timers in this resort. Truly God is so Good! 😀 Everyone seems to be so excited to a point that we can’t just go to sleep and seems to be so energetic on the day of travel. 😀

The place was so amazing! The breeze is so cool that you would soon definitely forget how humid it is below. The feeling of being at a semi-plateau just under the Mounts Mandalagan and Patag really takes you breathless. Seeing those log cabins like the Americans, life-sized figures like Super Man, Bonita huts which was inspired by the Hobbits, shoe-like house, towers, adrenaline junkies like the hanging bridges, zip-lines, rope course, and other rides boosts a tourists feeling of excitement.

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Endless picture takings has been made by everyone. It’s a Filipino culture already you know, taking selfies, groupies. 😀

We we’re able to stroll around the resort for like a several times just for us to take a lot of pictures. We hadn’t get a chance to take those zip-lines and stuffs because we went there by faith, but still we managed to enjoy the Resort by just strolling around and by enjoying the pool since the pool is free upon registration of P150.

Hi King Kong!


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photography is my thing. taking pictures is just like treasuring memories that a mind can easily forget.

11061288_10204003677469982_7254958883041552440_n 11071948_792321427548553_4143453785477857007_n campuestohan-highland-resort-bacolod-talisay-negros-occidental-philippines-_MG_1378534511_164943486984147_1648327317_n

All the while, you feel the cool and fresh-scented highland air gently brushing through your hair, soothing your emotions and calming your soul. Everyone gets too excited to see the couds approaching. As the mist begins to settle in the sprawling complex of the Resort, you will immediately notice a wonderful transformation. Like soft and fluffy cotton clouds (cotton candy they say), it gently envelopes the undulating landscape of the resort. Watching the rolling mists from the main log cabin, you will feel like you are in fantasy land, surrounded by magic mountains replete with century-old trees.

see those smiles? IT’S PRICELESS!


Campuestohan Highland Resort is like a mini-wonderland for kids and kids at heart. It is a perfect place for individuals or groups who seek to treat themselves or break free from work and stress.

Summer Like No Other


Summer, that is. Everyone is out of school and the lazy days of summer has just arrived. We all know that summer is a time for fun, freedom, sleep o_O, swimming of course and a lot of adventure. Summer is a time where everyone is enjoying their rest. Like, “hey! it’s summer bru! I can do what I want” or some people may be like, “I ain’t have money, I want school” but only a few of them really wants school. haha!   

Let me share with you my summer, my summer is a kind of summer like no other. 🙂 why? coz I get to spend most of my time not in the world (not literally) but with God. I really love spending my summer with God coz I know that every time that God has given us is a time to be spent for Him. In Genesis 8:22 God said, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” Amen? 🙂 You see in everything we do, wherever we go, whatever the climate is, everything revolves with God. that’s why in my life, not just in summer but in my daily life, I’d get to spend with God. But of course, summer as my biggest free time, there I soaked myself in His presence.

some says that being devoted to God is boring. But I tell you, the only reason that you get bored with God is that you don’t know HIM. serving God is way more fun than what you are expecting..

10422304_10203875178897598_8453359077519815200_n 11257902_10203881618378581_1220669595090204163_n

Last May 18-20, 2015 our church held a summer youth camp in order for young people to get soaked with God’s presence, power and glory. It was held only on our daughter church for less expenses and more invites. ^^ This event doesn’t revolve on God alone but on every aspects of our lives. From God, to your family, friends, team buildings, fun, games, cheers, playing instruments, making music or song compositions and name a lot more. Camps do help a lot in every life of every young people especially if it’s ruled by God…and right now, let me show you some pictures during our summer like no other.

Camp’s Theme!!
First session. praying over for the newbie followers of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!


Every morning is exercise time and devotional time. “A day without an exercise would be a day full of unbearable works.” true? HAHA! anyways, right after exercise time, it’s also a time for every groups’ devotion. Each group has given a time to share their experiences from yesterday’s encounter with God and a lot more. it’s a time where feeding one’s soul could be made because actions take place when confusion arises. Amazing right? God is Good!


After exercise and group devotions, more activities has been made. From praise and worship, word of God, encountering God’s love, games, team buildings, music writing and a whole lot more. I can see how God really worked in changing lives of every young people. Just like being in a group friends is fun. But being in a group of friends with God is a lot more than just fun. 

Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed. Psalm 34:5

see those radiant faces?

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Let’s talk about the encounter. Encountering the love of God, not just thinking about it, is something we should desire with all our hearts. This is an experience of great joy because in it we taste the very reality of God and his love. It is the ground of deep and wonderful assurance – the assurance that our hope “will not disappoint us” (Romans 5:5). This assurance helps us “exult in the hope of the glory of God” (Romans 5:2). It carries us through terrible trials of faith.


Experiencing God’s love
with great moving of the Holy Spirit, every knee will bow in worship. Hallelujah!

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This very season, look to Jesus. Consider Christ. Meditate on his glory and his work, not just casually, but intentionally. Think about the promises he made and guaranteed by his death and resurrection. Pray that God would open your eyes to the wonder of his love in these things. Renounce all known attitudes and behaviors that contradict this demonstration of love to you. Then enjoy the experience of the love of God poured out in your heart by the Holy Spirit.

Overall, seeking God over the summer is not a waste of time at all. I encourage you guys to take a leap of faith and start following Jesus. you’ll never know if you won’t take a step. ^_^

I wander…

 What does it mean when we say travel? Wikipedia says that, “travel is the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations”. It’s true! Everyone wants to explore. Everyone wants to Find new things, create memories and leave marks. It’s a thing where everyone becomes so excited. It’s an escape where everyone seems to be longing for. 

One of my biggest goal in life is to travel the whole world. (like, everyone’s dream maybe?) that’s why I am aiming myself to study, to graduate, to find a stable job and to save money.

Tinagong Dagat Sipalay
Recently, I traveled more that 6 hours away from home just to get to the place called Sipalay here at Negros Occidental. It’s a common place know for best resorts and white-sand-beaches. It’s a very beautiful place where a six-hour-travel by land could be so worth it. Well it’s true when we say, “Enjoy the journey as much as the destination”. I’m with my co-leagues in our school’s organization for a team building activity and we chose this place, Tinagong Dagat Island Resort for we heard various of compliments regarding this resort. Try to see this photos and it’ll make you “WOW!”


….see that hanging bridge over there? 😅 😱

Isn’t it amazing that you could just go to deeper waters and dive all you want? Well, yeah! This place left me astounded!   



   …the viewing deck. You could really see the whole view of the resort; and not just the resort alone but the entire place of Sipalay. Amazing right? 

 Overall, I love this place! I love how God really made all things beautiful. From the highest mountains up to the deeper waters, God is so amazing! no wonder I love to wander. 😉

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